• It's (probably unintentionally) a bit of a loaded question for historians. No one really agrees upon what was the "first" Thanksgiving. Canadians say it was when a ship in the Northwest Passage was freed from marooning in ice. Americans say it was when the Pilgrims from the Mayflower were finally able to harvest a bounty from their farming efforts. Other people around the world probably date their traditional feasts long before either of those events. If we are specifically referring to Pilgrims in Plymouth, even then, we do not know the exact date nor the exact foods. We can say with quite a bit of certainty that they did NOT eat potatoes (which had not yet been cultivated near the Atlantic coast) nor pies (as the Pilgrims did not yet have access to flour). But they might have eaten turkey, and they very likely did eat seafood (as it was a part of the usual food culture in the coastal colonies).
  • I bet it was. They were living on a sea coast after all. 11/25/23
  • Possibly since many Pilgrims were fishermen.

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