• Not really homestyle authentic made by Abuelita Mexican food, But, not bad for cheap fast food. IMHO 11/8/23
  • Let's say: it's Mexican *style* food, and not look too closely at how "authentically Mexican" it is.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing! To define authentication, are you a Mexican or a Mexicant?
  • Taco Bell is American food. Glenn Bell was a white anglo-saxon protestant with American roots back to the early colonial period. He grew up in the mayonaise-loving midwest, then, later in life, moved to California to open up a hot dog stand. No one in California wanted hot dogs, instead preferring to visit the taco stand across the street. So, Glenn waited in line to get some food from the taco stand and tried to reverse engineer the tacos - which resulted in the first Taco Bell recipes. So Taco Bell is American food as much as Ford is an American automobile (referring to how Ford copied German products, but engineered and manufactured it in the USA).
  • It is Yankee gringo food. It looks something like Mexican but it isn't. They put sour cream on everything to kill the very last of the spices. No, it is not Mexican food.

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