• How old time are we talking here? My first washing machine was a Maytag wringer washer. It lasted for years, even though it was 2nd hand when I bought it. I bought a Kenmore washer that we used for over 20 years. I had it repaired for something minor during that 20 year run. After it finally died, I bought a Maytag washer again. It lasted about 5 years when a "computer chip" failed, and my homeowners insurance replaced the entire washer with a brand new GE machine, because they said, that was cheaper than a computer chip replacement. I still think having computer chips in washing machines is ridiculous. 10/31/23
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thank you, for your comment :)
    • dalcocono
  • How far back? With a one-lung or a two-lung gas engine Maytag?
    • DancesWithWolves
      I'm thinking back in 1983 they said, they stopped making them also thanks for the comment :)

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