• For studying at a desk: spring-loaded hinged-arm move-able lamps with a magnifier. Cheap ones won't stay in place. Good ones are expensive. (Actually...looking at Amazon, they've gotten much cheaper. Probably has to do with LED bulbs, they don't need to be as sturdy as in the days with flourescent bulbs). I highly recommend that you get one of the clamp-on versions, the ones that sit on the desk tend to overbalance and fall over. Example (note: I am not recommending this particular lamp, this is just an example of the type)
  • If you want something bright, any folding led lamp will do from IKEA. You can always switch the bulb to suit your needs.
  • Do you mean a lamp to use for reading, or do you mean a lamp to study? If the latter, do you mean to study the artistic value of the aesthetic of the lamp, or do you mean to study the technical aspects of how the lamp works?

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