• I don't see the point, other than Biden persuading Americans on a 2021 Sunday night televised show to "Roll Up Your Sleeves." 💉
  • Every viral pathogen has some sort of protein envelope that has a way for your body to identify it. The immune system keeps a template for the ones it has seen before. But, depending on the health of the immune system, those templates get lost or destroyed over time. Typically, the smaller the virus particle, the more quickly those templates deteriorate. Since SARS-CoV-2 is a very tiny virus, the antibody half-life is on the order of days or optimistically weeks. So, after whatever 6 months is recommended for a booster, your body has probably completely forgotten about the immunity it built up. On the other hand, a virus like varicella (chicken pox) produces an immunity that lasts decades. So, it depends on the virus, the type of vaccine, the health of the individual, and the overall context. When we look back on covid, we are going to think we were absolutely stupid about how we dealt with it. However, under limited information, the people who made the decisions on how to deal with it thought that they were doing the right thing at the time. Although it certainly wasn't without a lot of arguing amongst themselves - but they weren't arguing about anything qanon thinks they were arguing about.
  • If you hadn't had the vaccines, good chance you wouldn't still be here to bitch about catching it!! I've been blessed to not have Covid as yet, so I might be wrong. The vaccine doesn't stop you from getting the virus. It assists your body in fighting it off when you do get it. Due to previous health issues in my life, I'm required to take the Flu shot every year. In equating the two, I've found that after taking the Flu shot, if I do catch the Flu that I get a very weakened version of the illness with a MUCH LOWER chance of dying from it. I'm equating Covid to the Flu. You might still get it, but you won't be near as sick as you would have been if you didn't get the vaccine. Life is a gamble, you live recklessly, you die recklessly. You hedge your bets, you have a better chance of surviving!!!.
    • 11stevo73
      Do you think they worked?
    • Majik-1
      Worked for me!!!
    • 11stevo73
      Im still alive I didn't take it or get covid any lasting side effects?
    • Majik-1
      You might be one of the lucky ones. I had NO side effects at all so NO lasting side effects to maintain. I did have 3 friends who didn't believe in the shots nor wearing masks. All 3 died on the same day. I consider that a lasting effect. My BFF also doesn't believe & she's had it 4 times. She says it is a miserable illness. You don't want to take it, I believe that is your right. Since I won't be anywhere near you, I'm not worried about you passing it on to me!!!
    • 11stevo73
      you might be one of the stupid ones how many of you're friends and family are now suffering side effects from the vax?
    • 11stevo73
      Are you going to get the shingles vax now ? Did the vax give you shingles?
    • Majik-1
      Although Shingles runs in my family, my doctor said she did NOT trust them & I should NOT get it & that was BEFORE COVID. I've had EVERY COVID shot PLUS ALL the boosters & I have had NO side effects!!! NONE of my friends & family members have had a problem. IF they had, I might not be so willing to take it!!! Do you realize that ALL those telling you that you did not need the shot had already gotten their shot??? Due to a medical condition, my doctor insists that I get the Flu & COVID shots & I don't consider taking my doctor's advice as being stupid!!!
  • Read in the news new CIOVID variants are coming out. People need to get new flu shots for new flu variants. Works same way with COVID. New variants new shots, boosters.
    • 11stevo73
      Who is most likely to catch the new version did you read the entire artical?
    • mugwort
      No I didn't sorry.
    • 11stevo73
      those that have taken the first lot of vaccines
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Where'd you hear that, and which variant are you talking about? The "eris" variant, which is the dominant variant right now, worldwide, has been shown to be preventable by the later versions of the vaccine formulated against omicron. The older vaccines are less effective, but I haven't heard any studies about any vaccines being counter-effective. There's also the "pirola" variant that's somewhat worrysome, but it's not nearly as concerning as some of the early variants, and again, I haven't heard anyone (other than you, if I understand you correctly) claim that vaccines are counter-effective against it. It's also quite rare at this time.
  • Hell will be frozen over with 2 feet of dry ice before I would even consider having one of those poisonous injections!
  • The covid virus is like the rino virus and the flu virus. It constantly mutates. So, just like a flu shot isn't bulletproof against influenza, and there is no vaccine for the common cold, so is covid vaccine. Like flu, they claim that if one does contract covid after the vaccine, it will be milder and more survivable. I've had 4 shots so far and the only adverse effect has been a sore arm where they jabbed me. 9/13/23
  • 1 - improves your chances of not contracting the disease *** 2 - if you contract the disease anyway, improves your chances of reduced duration and severity of the disease *** It doesn't guarantee that you won't contract the disease. It doesn't guarantee that you won't suffer the full effects of the disease. But it significantly - statistically (and that's an important qualifier) - improves your chances of avoiding both of those things.
    • 11stevo73
      as you took it you don't beleive what your god tells you? Otherwise you wouldn't need it? Where in your bible does it say you need it?
      ? And more relevantly...where in my answer do I contend that anyone needs anything at all? And what can this possibly have to do with "what your god tells you"?
  • You would get a milder version and hopefully would not die.
    • 11stevo73
      lineing up with the sheep is what you are doing.

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