• See a doctor here takes weeks. Id rather die as far as I'm conserned the entire medical profession can fuckoff and die. The hospital told my father to pissoff , he died walking out of the emgerncey department. The only doctors I get to see dont speak english as their first languge I don't want them touching me all they want to do is presicrbe oxycontin. Since the pandemic a lot of doctors retired and left the profession my mother told me thats what her doctor told her shes been going to him for 55 years.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks 11stevo73 for your comment, yes, medical in all countries including US must really suck big time.
    • 11stevo73
      theres more of you so it would have to be worse. We are catching up unfortunately. We the people are suckers.
  • Where I live (Northeastern USA), everything is a "system." You log into the "system" to request an appointment. Then the "system" confirms a time with you. The "system" then calls you before your appointment to remind you about the appointment and to ask you if you have covid (I think they recently stopped asking, maybe). Next, you go to a waiting room. If you're lucky, a real person at a plastic window will ask you for your name. Eventually, sometime from several minutes to half an hour after your appointment time, a technician of some sort will invite you to go to another waiting room, where they will ask you some questions and take your blood pressure, then enter everything into the "system." A different technician will poke and prod you, then another technician will come in and ask more questions. All of their observations go into the "system." If you don't enjoy the experience, you can log into the same "system" and drive to a different appointment in a different building that looks the same and everything gets logged into the same "system." As far as medicines go, the "system" will ask you to drive to the pharmacy to pick up your medicine. There, you will stand in line for a long time, as the "system" doesn't seem to function properly at the pharmacy, but eventually, you'll get some bottles with pills with strange names like "damnitol" or "ailbebarfin", which you take and can report side effects to the "system." The last time I saw an actual doctor was when I was in the ER for a sudden onset life-threatening situation almost a year ago. I literally saw him for about one minute. In sixty seconds, he still managed to let me know *twice* that he was a doctor. Evidently he did a good job, since I'm still here. But since then, everything is through the "system," the technicians, and rarely, a nurse or two.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment :)

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