• As if I goto twitter anyway don't care. I hope Trump doesn't go back out of protest. For the good of your country plenty might argue he should stay at home on twitter 24/7 for the next 20 years.
  • Do you think it was right for him to get banned in the first place?
    • Hulk70166
      Do you remember "Kill Mike Pence?" Well check this out:
    • Hulk70166
    • Army Veteran
      "Kill Mike Pence"? I never saw anything close to that in your first link. As to your second link, that's nothing but the January 6th witch hunt that allowed only RINO Conservatives to be a part of. I noticed Cassidy Hutchinson testified - she was the lying scumbag who claimed that Trump jumped from the back of his limo and attacked the driver. The Jan 6 hearings were nothing but a clown show held by the least credible members of Congress. In regards to Trump's tweet, he was on solid ground. His objections were based on the Electoral Count Act of 1887. With so much controversy over the legalities of the ballots, Trump had every right to question the votes. Having his objections dismissed with no opportunity to have his day in court was a violation of due process. Claiming it was a fair election because the Democrats said so is horse shit. This country doesn't run on the "Democrats' say-so" as much as it seems otherwise over the past few years. The Democrats are drunk on power right now and it has to be taken away before they get something started that we'll all regret.
  • Yes. Be real. There's no reason to ban anyone for speaking their mind. America is a free country. Even if the tweets are offensive to others..... Try growing a pair. Life is never meant to be sweet
  • Twitter??? I've never seen anything of interest there the few times that I've dropped by.. It seems like a place for people who want to preach to the choir. I don't care for preaching, in a church or on social media.
    • Army Veteran
      I tried to give you a thumbs up, but it didn't take. Just because we don't always agree on everything doesn't mean I disagree with everything (I'm not Hulk...LOL).
    • notyouraveragedummy
      I know!
  • They say they took a poll to allow DT to be back but I never saw one.
    • Army Veteran
      They probably don't consult you on the important stuff.
  • I don't Twit. I'm not sure why he was "banned" in the first place, and I'm not sure why he was restored. If he was banned for disseminating gross misinformation - and it would have to be GROSS misinformation, because ALL of the Presidents lie just about every time they open their mouth to the public - then my position would be: you shouldn't ban anyone forever for that reason, and so giving him "another chance not to screw up" is certainly reasonable...even for someone who lies as much as a politician.
  • Right as in conservative? Or are we making moral judgements here? I think he should be allowed to be on Twitter. I don't think he will because he has his own platform. I don't use twitter. Its too limiting.
  • I think so. It's a good way for Trump to keep us updated with the latest news.
  • I always laughed when I read his Tweets because I know BS when I read it.

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