• They do it to bring people down so they can make themselves look good. They don't do it to help the person the type of people that do such things dont care about you its about them so they can toss off and big note themselves. Do not ever give such people anything go out of your way to make their lives hard. When I work for such people I add 40% onto their bill. No shortage of ego manics that are full of shit most of them are useless as in cant fix anything in their house.
  • "Opinions are like..." well, you probably know how that goes. "Everybody has one." That being said: FOR EXAMPLE: if person B disagrees VEHEMENTLY and ANGRILY when person A simply voices a non-personally-insulting opinion, then person B may very well be demonstrating symptoms of a mental or emotional defect. Other sorts of...extreme reactions to the simple voicing of a non-insulting opinion might also indicate a mental or emotional defect. *** So: you're right in saying that simply disagreeing with someone is not a sign of mental or emotional defect, and the person who opines that it IS a sign of such a thing seemingly has poor justification for such an opinion.
  • I could probably find half a dozen places where you have accused others of being mentally off because they disagree with you. Whether in favor of the death penalty, being Christians who you call weirdos, not coddling your feelings, you've called people sociopaths and psychopaths. I have lived with many people who have psychiatric illnesses, and if you don't have a therapist you need one. And this is not because I disagree with you on any particular topic, but from what I have seen you key yourself. I truly do care about you and would like for your life to be less anxious and worrisome. You are overly concerned with anyone who doesn't think like you do. You've posted at least half a dozen times how others don't believe as you do and that makes them wrong, or whatever name you choose at the time. Please tell me you have a therapist you see on a regular basis. I only assumed you did before now, but if you don't that concerns me! I can't label your illness(es). I don't know what all they are, I just know you need help and I pray you are getting it.
    • Linda Joy
      Does the suffering in the world upset you or does it affect you in any way? Will people ever realise it is not the world that is messed up and that it is the people in it who are messed up? Is it a psychopath or sociopath that does not have empathy and no understanding? What is your definition of a monster? Why do people in general not get an equal amount of attention? Would you literally harm a fly or spider or would you give them dignity and put them out of the window? We are all going to pass away at some stage so what gives a person the right to judge the fate of someone else? How do you feel when some people get the wrong idea about you and when they say things about you that are not true? Why do some people see autism as a disability when in fact it is a difference? Why do some people think they can not survive without technology when there are other things to entertain and amuse them? Different people have different minds so why are some people ignorant of this fact? Why do some people not allow for head space? And this one Who do some people think they are when labelling others to receive psychiatric help? And these were all off the first page in your questions list. Over a dozen questions where you are judging anyone who disagrees with you. Which also makes you a hypocrite. I'm done with you. If you haven't gotten help by now you won't anyway.
    • Linda Joy
      And I freely admit I have mental issues, but at least I'm seeing a therapist and I ask her the questions that concern me instead of asking strangers online to validate my thoughts and feelings.
    • Shadow
      I never said “mentally off”. When there is someone I disagree with, I like to be open minded and see where they are coming from and try to understand them. If something that someone says does not make sense it’s usually not true. Some people don’t have a sense of morality and when I come across people on Answerbag who say things that are immoral I would try to give them a piece of my mind with my sense of morality. I am a humanitarian person and it bothers me when people resort to violence and say immoral things. I am very aware that people think differently as we all have different minds (my question says it all). I think you are concerned about anyone who does not share the same views as you but I might be wrong about that. If you can accept that people in the real world have different views then we can be on the same page. I would never judge anyone who disagrees with me because not everyone is right all the time which includes me. It’s healthy to talk about thoughts and feelings but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a therapist. It can be a friend or family member who you are close with. There is no need to be against anyone who is different. The people in my work are all different with different personalities and different walks of life and I get along with them. Although you have atheist friends as you mentioned before, you could at least hear them out on their atheistic views and try to understand where atheists are coming from but if you disagree with atheism that’s your choice.

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