• I usually feel angry, or fearful, but then I have to realise there is nothing I can do, and let it go. Most of the time people perceive us through their filter not ours. If someone says something and after self examination, it doesn't hit home, then don't pick it up, just because someone places something before you, doesn't mean you have to pick it up. But if numerous people were telling me the same thing, and I valued there opinions normally, I'd have to stop and take a look.
    • Shadow
      I feel pissed off when some people get the wrong idea about me and say things that are not true. There is someone like that on Answerbag but it would be unfair to mention their username. I understand what you say and where you are coming from
  • It depends why they say the things & if having got the wrong idea, they get the right idea. Not everybody gets me immediately but people who spend time with me & get to know me usually understand where I'm coming from. If they voice their opinion of me based on a wrong idea, are corrected by someone else or get to know me, get the right idea & change their opinion I have no problem with them. If someone gets the wrong idea, says untrue things and can't or won't be corrected, or get to know me, I don't have a problem either. Life is too short to worry about people who probably weren't worth knowing anyway & people who know me won't take notice of things they know are untrue.
  • Do you know what "stalking" is?
    • Shadow
      Yes. Why do you ask?
  • In your case, you simply refuse to hear the truth, insist everyone else "has the wrong idea" and continue to believe you're fine when you need psychiatric help! You even go so far as to tell others what to think, how they should feel and what to believe. You have serious problems! In my case, I usually prove them wrong, or ignore them. I don't care what others think. You usually prove they are right with your argument.
    • Shadow
      I like to hear the truth about things so you are wrong. You know nothing about me in person and you make false assumptions about me. It’s you that has the wrong idea and I don’t say the same thing to everyone else. It’s you who needs psychiatric help with your religious delusions so bugger off instead of telling me that I need psychiatric help. I never tell others how to think, feel and believe. That’s what a control freak is like and that’s not me. I’m very aware what I am like and you know nothing about me. It’s you that has serious problems because you are a religious weirdo with mind problems. I don’t care what people think and that includes you.

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