• Faith in politicians. NO
  • I did before Hillary came along and accused Trump of stealing the 2016 election and then Biden actually doing it in 2020. Both candidates (Hillary and Biden) spied on their political opponent to win the election ("almost win" in Hillary's case). Both were Democrats and both are corrupt. They weaponized the legal system and turned it into their own KGB.
  • [Americans, Do you have faith in the Political, Economic and Social Institutions of the USA] Only to a limited extent, defined by the history showing in which ways they are UNreliable. *** [Do you think our legal systems are fair] The legal system is designed to err on the side of caution. It is definitely not always fair, but that is mostly because it DOES make every reasonable legal effort to protect the innocent. That being said: of course there are OTHER causes of unfairness, such as: bribery, and simply the ability of one party to afford a far superior legal team compared to the other party. (I.e. unequal legal representation resulting from unequal ability to afford equally-qualified legal representation). *** [do you think you can succeed if you work hard] I think it is possible for people to do so, but certainly there is no guarantee that hard work will bring success. Not even financial success. *** [do you think our election system is fair and accurate or is it rigged?] Again: history demonstrates that it is not fair in all ways (see, for example, gerrymandering), AND that it (like the legal system) is corruptible. One wonders if a significantly superior political and legal system exists (if such a system has been devised yet), and one also wonders, if such a system were determined to BE significantly superior, if the voting public would have the political will to implement it. (I.e. the political will to change the current system, for example: through Constitutional amendments)
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      Thank you for your complete answer.
  • No, but I think they are better here than anywhere else I know.
  • It's still the best there is.

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