• Well..."normal" is defined as "conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected". So: any significant difference - presumably, we're talking about behavior, here - from typical behavior is, in fact, other than normal. For example: I have an extremely small food budget. What I eat is definitely not normal. That abnormality is largely dictated by my finances...but nevertheless: behavior that is not normal. Similarly: I don't go to movie theaters. Not normal. And yet there are people who are quite normal in practically all types of behavior. *** Yes, we are all different, but there IS "normal". "Normal" DOES exist, though I admit that "normal" in ALL ways is probably pretty rare.
    • Shadow
      Normal is a delusion that control freaks create in their mind because they expect others to behave a certain way when in fact people have different behaviours in reality which control freaks have a problem with. Control freaks who go on about “normal people” have expectations of people around them. Control freaks are intolerant of anyone who is different to them. We all have our own behaviours and as people we could at least respect each other. Respect is very low in this messed up world generally speaking. You would have to be brainwashed by a mind control freak to use “normal” in your vocabulary. Everyone is weird in their own way. Just be your own person is my advice to people in general. At least I can think outside the box and accept people for who they really are
  • I get your point, but I think people have a measurable standard in order to be considered socially acceptable or just civilised. For example, is a person who has murdered someone, and terrorises people, wouldn't be classed as normal in the sense of what is expected regarding social normalities, and civilised behaviour. But then you also have people who adhere to this, or at least don't offend and tread on other's boundaries, but remain individual, creative, and different, and perfectly wonderful. Might be worth noting also, that people with mental illness, have contributed to some of the most expressive works of art, scientific discoveries, and inventions, where would we be without those who don't fit the "normal," but do fit the society norms, or at least are not damaging to others.
    • Shadow
      Being socially acceptable is somebody’s expectation. We don’t have to follow that rule as it’s not necessary. Every individual is allowed to be their own person without anyone telling them how to behave. In the real world people have different behaviours which control freaks have a problem with. I hear what you’re saying about criminals though. Criminals belong in prison for protection. They have done wrong to someone’s rights. I am aware of people with mental health who have made achievements in their life.
    • Creamcrackered
      My point is, you can be yourself without having to be rude or intrusive on another's freedoms. To an extent if you behave what is deemed as antisocially, it will get you in trouble, hence no matter what, people are aware of what is acceptable and unacceptable.
    • Shadow
      That’s true. I understand. I would never intrude on other people’s freedom. We are all allowed to be free without affecting each other’s rights so I understand what it means to be acceptable and unacceptable so I hear what you’re saying

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