• I would have been a Conservative then as well. It's interesting that you chose that specific era to ask your question about. As most people know, African Americans typically vote Democrat. Ask them why and you'll get "I don't know - I always have". Democrats have done absolutely nothing for them, they have discriminated against them before, during, and after the Civil War, and they were behind the creation of the Klu Klux Klan, and still, African Americans continue to typically vote for Democrats - their own oppressors. The reason is that the KKK was created right after the Civil War to terrorize blacks into voting Democrat. This terror campaign was so intense that voting for Democrats has been passed down through the generations and they're still doing it more than a hundred years later.
  • As a Yank and (at the very least) the product of modern society, I would be steadfastly anti-slavery and - so - likely steadfast in voting Republican. But - yeah - I certainly don't claim to "understand the politics of that era". I'm sure there was a whole lot more involved than the slavery issue, but the Dems supporting legalized slavery would, I think, "stick in my craw" for awhile, even after the Civil War.
  • I would not have been allowed to vote then, since we didn't become citizens until 1924, after an act of congress made us citizens.

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