• In short Joe Biden.
    • Black Mystique
      A living wage has been an issue for a while and it has definitely gotten harder with the current inflation.
  • Poor money management? Ran up too many bills? Spending on things that are not ESSENTIAL for life? If you show me their budget I could probably show you at least ten things they are paying for that they want and don't need. If they truly can't afford to pay rent they need to contact HUD. If they truly can't afford groceries they need to apply for food stamps, or contact the nearest homeless shelter. Staying there for a few months will help these people see the difference between need and want. Many churches also offer help. The YWCA/YMCA can be a resource for these things as well.
  • Same happening in the UK, petrol is nearly £2 per litre, most are having to spend £100 to fill their cars. Gas and electric prices double, food prices up, and yet wages are the same, maybe they want to bankrupt us all. More people are using food banks, having to decide between gas and electric and food, it's bad. Biggest protests in London last Saturday. No one has forgotten the Prince Andrew scandal either... this song got to number 20 in UK charts, and No1 in download charts, over the platinum jubilee.
  • This is why we need an increase in the minimum wage. To a liveable wage for either a single person, a couple or a family. I think gradual increment of a couple dollars a year would be a good start. So as the economy could get used to a pay raise.
    • Linda Joy
      That's what causes inflation! When the government gives away money it makes everyone's money worth less! That's why we are experiencing it now because of the continuous stimulus payments! And what did everyone do with that money, invest it in reducing their debt? NO! They blew it on crap they didn't need and they're still strapped! People need to learn basic economics!
  • Depends on the income. You need minimum 4000 a month net pay to survive. Anything less and you'll struggle --- especially nowadays. Hard work without good pay is useless
    • Linda Joy
      I get by on less than $850/mo. with the help of social programs.
  • Many are poorly educated or have criminal records. Many illegal refugees take any job they can get.
    • 11stevo73
      what a load of rubbish. Do you want illeagals so you can pay slave wages? what a nice person you really are.

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