• In the U.S., such B.S. is protected by Constitutional law. *** BUT, more importantly perhaps, it seems that you don't understand what a bitcoin mine is. A bitcoin mine does not "pump up bitcoin". A bitcoin mine PRODUCES bitcoin, a task which requires a considerable amount of computation. (Think: lots and lots and lots of special-purpose computers, computers designed specifically to mine crytpo currency and do nothing else, these computers spending hundreds or thousands of hours performing calculations to "create" a single bitcoin.)
    • 11stevo73
      Why did they choose today to put it in the news to trick more nuffy's into buying bitcoin I think. More computers wasting electricity. Would you be advising anyone to buy bitcoin now? Sad thing in the last few years I know of plenty that have. Lots of silly kids think they are going to make millions out of crypto and never have to work. Watch the suckers line up buy and lose all their money.
      It has nothing to do with the value of Bitcoin or purchasing Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining companies do NOT increase the value of Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining companies ***merely produce Bitcoin*** (for profit - that is: they sell the Bitcoin they produce.) The reason for the article MIGHT have a LOT to do with the local economy, or perhaps it has to do with the use of a site that for years has been considered a "waste site". It's also ironic (and weakly humorous?) that a long-closed mine (of the typical "dig" type) is going to be used to "mine" Bitcoin (using fancy high-tech computers and no digging tools).
  • Just stop watching that broadcast. I no longer watch FOX.
    • 11stevo73
      what does fox news have to do with my question? What is wrong with you son what has fox got to do with this question?

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