• Can only prayer for them DWW, must have been in an enormous amount of emotional pain.
    • DancesWithWolves
      @Creamcrackered Thank you so much :)
    • Creamcrackered
      You're welcome DWW, I hope you're well :)
  • The Bible teaches us that the only sin that God will not ever forgive is "blaspheming the Holy Spirit". The nature of that sin is disputed, but it's not suicide. That being said...there is a logic behind the suicide thing. The logic is that suicide is murder, and that if one successfully murders oneself then one does not have the opportunity to repent of that sin, and THEREfore (the logic goes) the victim cannot repent of that sin and will not be forgiven by God for it. The "hole" in the reasoning is based in the Catholic concept that repentance is ONLY done in the presence of a priest (Catholic "Confession") during one's lifetime. That is: it ignores several possibilities, such as the possibility of repentance after death, before God himself.
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      Thanks for sharing your comment :)
  • I believe He thinks of them as sick, mentally ill people.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment :)

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