• About 20 years ago me and the brother in law rebuilt his fathers car we stupidly gave it to my wife or registered it in her name, shes driven it 10 times in 20 years. I've driven it plenty of Sundays recently she decided were getting a few things done at her place one of the builders wants to buy it now shes worked out she can swap the car to pay for the job. I say "I'm putting my foot down the car is staying" she said "I tell you what if that thing can beat my I30 to town you can keep it". If I keep it I wont have to go on holidays. It is only an old car at the end of the day Its cool to drive 20 k's a week but its no use for everyday. It hasn't been out in the rain in over 30 years only ever driven on sunny days the old 350 small block wont have the i30 off the lights she knows that it can't win the race. I've drank alot of beers in the shed with that car and brother inlaw he died 5 years ago if he was here the car would be member of the family. Keep or Sell?
  • If you put the car in her name, your options are limited - she has a legal right to it and can dispose of it any way she sees fit. You do have one option without resorting to some dumbass race. You can offer to pay for the builder's labor and have her sign the car over to you in exchange. In essence, you're buying the car by paying her home remodeler's fees. She should go for this arrangement since she doesn't seem to have any emotional ties to the car - and would be just as happy having the work on the house paid for.
    • 11stevo73
      her father took her to school in it for years. Last year her and her sister flew past me on the way home when I got there and opened the gate for them she said "why do you bother with that old thing". pay back for all the piss i drank in the shed with her brother and working for free not going to work.
  • I would agree with 1465, only you call her your wife, not ex. If you live in a community property state and are still married the car is as much yours as hers no matter whose name its in. Do you have a pic of you guys working on the car or posing in front of it? I know its not the same, but a decluttering expert says if you have sentimental items that just collect dust, take a picture of it and move it on out of the house. You'll always have the memory. I like 1465's idea of making a deal you can both agree on.
    • 11stevo73
      i though the story may amuse you all. I cant spend $50k on an old car. 28 years ago when we started finding pats and working on it they were worth nothing brother inlaw was a spray painter. I'm surprised no one said quick take the money before he changes his mind which is what happened.

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