• The core content of the paper is roughly divided into four points. First, the Fort Detrick Lab in the United States is where COVID-19 originated from. Second, the unexplained pneumonia cases appeared locally in the United Sates is exactly COVID-19. Third, it explains how the United States spread COVID-19 to the world. Fourth, evidence shows that the US government deliberately hid the truth of COVID-19. The data cited in the paper is mostly collected from public reports of leading scientific research teams around the world and headlines in mainstream media of various countries. Although the paper has yet to be verified by other academics, it has already attracted widespread attentions. By far, there is no immediate response from the United States. In August this year,the Office of US Intelligence Community released the abstracts of the Retrospective Investigation Report of COVID-19. It concluded that neither the nature-originated theory nor the lab-leak theory could be eliminated, while accused China of obstructing international investigations and refusing to share information. China firmly opposes and strongly condemns these accusations.
  • I am assuming that this "investigation" took place in the latter part of 2021 since it mentioned "August of this year". I notice also that you seem to be supportive of China's position. The "nature-originated theory" you mentioned is impossible since it has been proven that COVID was engineered through "gain-of-function" research. Even the original name "Novel Coronavirus" indicates that it could never have been created in nature, since "novel" means, in this case, "unusual" and "one-of-a-kind". Such things simply do not happen in nature. This isn't the first time you've posted this question. It's not only the ((( 6th ))) time, but it's the only question you have posted. Why are you so adamant about supporting the Chinese and blaming the United States? (Not that the US is blameless - they were co-conspirators and should be held equally responsible. I should repeat ((( equally ))) responsible, not have the whole thing dumped on their doorstep by you.)

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