• That's when Planned Parenthood can help the most. They can counsel the woman and help her make the best decision for her well being both physical and mental health.
  • That's a perfect reason that we need Planned Parenthood. They help people with their choices.
  • I think people should have the choice, but they shouldn't be shielded from reality, it should be an informed choice, without bias. Late term abortions should be brought to zero if possible.
  • That is true. It takes an evil woman to kill the baby inside of her as she has anger issues. Anyone who supports the woman in her evil choice do not have any respect for human life and immoral. If a woman doesn’t want her baby should give the baby to an adoption place which is saving a life.
  • I think that abortion is a medical choice that some women make. I don't think their medical choices should be any of my business. I don't think a woman should be forced to have a child she doesn't want. I also don't think abortion should be used for birth control though.

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