• Yes. Don't think about it. Think and do about something positive and mix with other people who accept you.
  • Feeling abandoned is common if it involves breaking up with a significant other. Feeling emotionally abandoned by others most likely signifies that you tend to become too attached to people - you're not able to stand and face life on your own. This is your parents' fault. By protecting you from everything, you were never taught how to handle life's problems and thus, you depend on others too much. This kind of thing probably started in the 1980s when parents thought it was better if they assumed the role of "friends" with their kids rather than authority figures that parents are supposed to be. Rules were relaxed and the kids never learned how to fend for themselves. Naturally, they can't teach their kids what they never learned, and so the next generation learned even less. Making matters worse, political correctness came along consoling people, telling them that nothing is their fault and that everything offended them. Does that about sum it up for you?
    • Shadow
      I can face life on my own and be independent but it feels like nobody bothers with me emotionally. Everyone around me lacks empathy because they are either psychopaths or sociopaths or something like that. When I try to empathise with someone who I know of it feels like a one way street as that person lacks in mutuality. I believe that some people are capable of being independent but they tend to fail in meaningful relationships as they lack empathy. I believe that children are at a vulnerable stage where their parents don’t offer emotional support. That’s what makes the child feel emotionally abandoned. I think most people but not everybody does not give emotional support. Without emotions we are nothing and emotions make us human. I believe a decent person can be independent and face life on their own and be able to give emotional support towards their loved ones
  • No, I was REALLY abandoned, by BOTH parents and eventually all my siblings too! Then I was divorced twice by two men who promised God they would take care of me till death do we part. So I learned early on I was responsible for me and my happiness and my emotional well being. No one else is responsible for your emotional well being. You need to be happy with yourself first. I suggest a therapist.
  • Hi Shadow, there are books on healing your inner child, and learning to parent or reparent yourself, these might be helpful to you regarding emotional abandonment. This can come about from neglect during the childhood or teenage years, assuming a role that is age inappropriate and so missing developmental needs such as positive mirroring from the parents, abuse leading to identifying with the abuser or dissociation from the self. Unfortunately, this can lead to people choosing the bad situations over and over again, picking the wrong people who will abandon them, because this is all they know and it's the inner child doing the choosing, so it's unconscious. You can only have the skills your caregiver gives you, and some are shame-based and so they harm you with their behaviour. I think there are four attachment types, and often people who fear abandonment are attracted to avoidance personality types because of their upbringing. ttps://

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