• Pretty good. I retired as executive chef at a lakeside resort in CA after a little over 50 years in the kitchen.
    • Vampire Of My Own Heart
      That's impressive.
    • Linda Joy
      That IS impressive! I can cook, but I have trouble putting up with crap from others! Then again, I was in fast food! I as much as told them, there's another crappy job down the road and I can get it in a heartbeat!
    • dalcocono
      Lol! I know what you mean. I have said more than once that "I was looking for work when I stopped here. I can continue to look too"! Usually over some silly rule the employer wanted to implement that did nothing to enhance customer experience or food quality or anything else.
  • The skills are there, the money isn't! I've cooked, served, and managed in various restaurants and even got to where I could crack a case of eggs (30 doz, or 360 eggs) into a pan throwing the shells in the trash in less than 8 minutes when I was in the Navy! Haha! I've made and served sandwiches at subway in a 3 hour rush of 36, 34, and 24 sandwiches per hour which is enough to budget for 3.5, 3.5, and 2.5 people! I've cooked a $900. dinner shift at KFC etc. And all the while cooking for my family at home as well. I'm no chef, but I'm good enough for fast food. Honestly, for me its harder to cook for just one.
  • not into cakes etc but i make yummy dinners
  • I can follow a recipe (and get it right). I'm slow, because I don't have decades of experience daily doing the various things, and so I have to think carefully before doing some of them. You can pretty much double or triple the estimated time given in the recipes if I'm doing it, but it does nearly always get done right.

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