• Well...I'm not sure about the rules for impeaching officials other than the President, but in the case of the President - as established by the U.S. Constitution - impeachment can only occur if the official ***has committed a crime*** or "high misdemeanor" (or, at least, is BELIEVED to have done so, and is formally CHARGED with such). SO: I suspect that is NOT legal grounds for impeaching a Supreme Court Justice. According to this article, the procedure is identical in that case to the impeachment of a President. {{ }}, which means that it is, in fact, insufficient grounds for impeachment.
  • Rome burned while Nero fiddled you're worried about what his wife thinks? What about what the spouse of of the House Speaker's insider trading activity's?
    • Hulk70166
      Stevo, "What about what the spouse of of the House Speaker's insider trading activity's?" Please provide link and I'll answer your question.
    • 11stevo73 what about what Peter Schweizer says?
    • Hulk70166
      Oh, you are reading Breitbart? That explains it. lol They're the ones who claim AOC drinks out of toilets. lol
  • No. You can't hold him responsible for something she did.
  • You can impeach a ham sandwich if you get enough votes. Impeachment is a political matter, not a legal matter. I don't see the votes being there and I doubt that even the loony left want to try to go down that road and set such a precedent.
  • He should recuse himself.

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