• because thats what my dad did and his dad before him. my grand dad was a plumber my dad was a plumber my brother is a plumber.
  • I ignore societal traditions pretty steadfastly...unless I see benefit or integrity/honor to doing otherwise. *** However: the Bible (contrary to what many casual and careless readers believe) clearly indicates that upholding patriarchal tradition - even non-religious tradition - is a very positive and praiseworthy thing (note: as long as said tradition does not contravene any instruction from God). *** Since I don't live in a patriarchal society and was subject to very few patriarchal traditions (and I probably keep and pass on all the ones I was subject to), I have no difficulty ignoring other, societal traditions. *** Example: almost everyone agrees that chicken tastes better than turkey. So why on a holiday do you prepare as a main course something that you like LESS well than a main course you eat every week? Answer: tradition dictates you prepare the less tasty meal. (Silly...right?) *** Example: lots of people I know think it...unsavory - even repulsive - to eat a cheeseburger for breakfast or an omelet for dinner. Why? Traditional breakfast foods from a time when refrigerators did not exist in most households. Dairy (including eggs) were eaten in the morning because they were fresh in the morning. Uncured beef was eaten in the afternoon or evening because acquiring it required a trip to the butcher, which was not done early in the morning. I see no value to such obsolete mealtime traditions. I eat whatever I have a mind to eat (that is on-hand) for breakfast, and likewise for dinner.
  • It is an example to follow, a building and nurturing of roots in a person between them and others. Creates strength in relationships and communities. Gives people a sense of belonging worth and identification. People feel safer with something familiar. Reckless people are drawn to the unknown.
  • Because tradition connects us to our ancestors. It maintains the continuity of how things were passed down to us from them.

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