• I truly believe that he said he will vote against BBB since they started saying that he has a yacht, a Maserati and doesn't care about the children in West Virginia's welfare.
  • Kevin, 1939 just called, they want you back.
  • Wow - so many thought-filled answers based on sound facts. Joe Manchin should vote for the BBB because he is a Democrat. It might have escaped many of you geniuses that elected officials' primary job is to represent the interests of their constituents. The fact that this hasn't been the SOP of late, may have caused the confusion. There are more important things in this political climate than "hate Trump" and "destroy everything he put in place" even at the expense of this country's welfare. There hasn't been a single budget increase since Biden has been in office that has not had 10s of billions of dollars stolen from it by Democrats who just help themselves to whatever they want. This is why "build back better" is such a joke - NOTHING has been "built back" except for the fortunes of the corrupt who sponsor and pass the bills. The reason Manchin didn't sign it was that there was nothing in it that benefitted the people of his state - he has to answer to these people for every decision he votes on. And contrary to those who judge people through stereotyping, I have found people of West Virginia and Kentucky to be most pleasant and quite educated. Perhaps Bob Jones is familiar with inbreeding because he has some hanging on his own family tree.
    • Hulk70166
    • 1465
      Your BBB 'state-of-fact-sheet" is BS. Nothing that comes out of the White House opposes build back better. Joe Manchin knows what the needs of his people are and if there was anything in the plan that benefitted West Virginians he would have supported it. He opposed it because he couldn't go back and explain to his constituents how he would have opposed their interests by backing it.
    • Hulk70166
      And 1465 is an expert on Virginia and Joe Biden?

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