• By establishing laws preventing such. We have SOME laws in place to prevent such things, but our laws (intentionally) do NOT attempt to completely eliminate the problem.
  • Why would you? You're aware the pandemic has screwed up the supply and demand models globally, right? Gone are the days when Americans need only have shouted and others would take up the slack to give lower prices. You've been getting low prices for too long and others are just sick of it.
  • You can't because for the most part, corporations are classed as legal entities but with one difference, if they go bust, they don't owe anyone anything, they can start up some place else under a different name. As a person (legal entity), you have to either pay back, or go bankrupt and so affecting your ability to get credit. Hence, big corporations rule, especially if you are dependent on them, you are then easily manipulated. Also, if you have a certain amount of money, you can purchase things under a disguise in order to avoid tax, hence the richer you are the easier it is to legally fraud the system. Most politicians or families of politicians are shareholders, and so again there agendas can be based soley on their own interests, and not on the interests of the people. This works in a vicious cycle as well, because politicians have to have sponsors, and so their sponsors interests also come into play, affecting their political agenda.

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