• Am I on Candid Camera? 😎
    • Charin Cross
  • I'm embarrassed for America. I feel shame and anger.
    • 1465
      As do I. Anyone in their right mind would agree. Apparently, the asker must be giving a pop quiz to test the room's IQ.
  • This question gets me as sleepy as Biden falling asleep during meetings. 😴
  • Honestly...I've never seen that. I read news articles online. I don't watch news on TV.
    • 1465
      They have a new feature called "Youtube". You can access pre-recorded or live videos.
      Yeah, but...why would I do that? Reading is ALWAYS much faster, AND with online news I can choose what to read and what to ignore.
      (Such as: any politician making even more empty promises and/or telling even more lies.)
    • 11stevo73
      Maybe you should open both your eyes bible reviews. From reading your answers you have no idea about the world. Ignorance is bliss ? You seam to have your head in the sand.

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