• I think they do get paid a LOT of money. However, they negotiate their contracts with their leagues, and the leagues agree to pay them that much, so, why not? It's not like they can work that job until they 67 or whatever the new retirement age is. They often can look forward to years after they can't play any more.
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  • Yes we spend too much money on football but lots of people don't have money to spend. Its a cheap alternative.
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  • You could argue the same about doctors, celebrities, or Olympians. What you're forgetting is that the person gets paid a SET amount. But it's actually the sponsors and extras that take the salaries into the millions. Those are negotiated separately.
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  • I am on my fourth season now of not watching or supporting pro football. Someone who gets paid $tens-of-millions has no business kneeling in protest before the flag my father fought for.
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