• Bill Clinton is not dead. And Biden not only lied but forced others to do so in defense of his son.
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      Yes, well I see
  • He was a Democrat - it should be self-explanitory.
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      What Republican lied under Oath?
  • all politicians are liars i think
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      Thank you Pamela
  • (1) Why did former Bill Clinton lie under oath - To avoid conviction by the Senate impeachment trial, which would have meant his removal from office * * * (2) Why didn't he resign - Nixon resigned when he became CERTAIN that the Senate would convict him. Resignation allows avoiding the pretty serious consequences associated with being removed from office, because the Senate trial (typically) halts upon Presidential resignation. Note that Nixon resigned after several months of the Senate trial. At the trial beginning Nixon believed that he might not be convicted. Of course, resigning is bad because "the people" view it as an admission of guilt. It does serious harm to your post-Presidency opportunities. Clinton had reason to hope that the Senate would not convict him, so he did not resign. It would only have made sense for him to resign if he - like Nixon - were quite certain that he would be convicted.
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  • He didn't want his wife and daughter to know about his affairs.
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      I agree with you , thanks for your comment :)

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