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  • Are words missing from your question as you implied, or by "some text" do you mean an entire answer or comment? If so it was probably deleted by staff for breaking the terms of service. I tried to warn y'all, but you didn't listen. You insist on continuing in your personal attacks against anyone who disagrees with you and I guess you don't even know what being respectful means!!
    • Shadow
      Calling a religious person a nut job is not a personal attack so you have that wrong. What do you know about being respectful? Religious people like you do not tolerate difference in people since you have a problem with atheists. I never attack anyone who disagrees with me. If someone disagrees with me I consider my view if it’s the right way or not. I’m always right about religious people being nut jobs because you are all delusional and can’t prove your point by being just full of words and no physical evidence to show. I’m not against religious people. I just don’t bother with their bull$hit

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