• In spanish Jesus is pronounced "Ha-zus" so yes the name has been appropriated for the sound of the language.😌
      Hmmm...I thought it was "hay-SOOS". Maybe different pronunciation depending on the dialect?
  • The difference in pronunciation is due to translations - but they mean the same thing.
      No, not due to translations. Translation is when the MEANING of a word in a source language is rendered in one or more words in the target language that have the SAME MEANING.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Bounces right off the TINFOIL HAT...
  • An imaginary creature, like Voldemort and Hobbits. Couldn't care less.
  • -- #1 -- We don't know for sure how he and his family/friends/etc. pronounced his name. "Yeshua" is one possible pronunciation and is favored by many appropriately-accredited scholars, but OTHER appropriately-accredited scholars propose different possible pronunciations. We just don't know for sure how his name was pronounced. -- #2 -- We say "Jesus" because that is how his name has been transliterated...from (probably) Aramaic to Greek, from Greek to Latin, from Latin to French, from French to Middle English, and finally from Middle English to Modern English. -- #3 -- "Are you ashamed to say his Hebrew name" - Frankly, his name in Hebrew does not seem relevant. He and his family (almost certainly) were Aramaic speakers, not Hebrew speakers, and I am not a Hebrew speaker. Are you ashamed to say his name in - say - Tagalog?
  • Because that's his name in the language we a re typing in right now. Kind of a weird question. Do you call all historical figures by their names in their native language? If so, what do you call Ramses? What about Alexander the Great? What about "God?" Do you only refer to "God" in His/Her native language, and if so, what then is the name?! When you look up at the sky at night, do you see the Moon and call it by its name in its own native language?!
    • mushroom
      "Do you see the Moon and call it by its name in its own native language?" Of course! It's Clacbictou Nacho Bryndza, or something cheesy like that.
    • bostjan64
      Weird, I thought it was called "wuuuuuuuuuuuuub" with exactly thirteen of the letter u, because the Moon definitely uses the roman alphabet.

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