• I think it's happened already with this COVID and I still believe this virus was made in a Lab in China and escaped the Lab and started what was an outbreak then became a pandemic
    • pamela
      it was first in china ..and yes some say that
  • No. Similarly: if I told you that alien invaders had taken control of all world religions, it would not be rational for those in charge to suppress all world religions, or to eliminate or incarcerate the leadership of all world religions.
    • Creamcrackered
      But the fact is we are being told that the population is wreaking havoc to the planet, and not alien invaders, would you agree?
  • First of all this is a huge myth propagated by racists to justify eugenics. "The whole world's population could fit in the state of Texas...Amazing as it may seem, the entire population of the world can be housed in the U.S. state of Texas — and very comfortably indeed, with each person enjoying a living far in excess of that now available to all but the most wealthy. Consider these facts: The land area of Texas is some 262,000 square miles* and current UN estimates of the world's population (for 12 October 1999) are about 6 billion.** (7.9 billion now so we'll throw in Alaska, too)By converting square miles to square feet — remember to multiply by 5,280 feet per mile twice — and dividing by the world's population, one readily finds that there are more than 1,217 square feet per capita. A family of 5 would thus occupy more than 6,085 square feet of living space. Even in Texas, that's a mansion." No government has the right to play God and choose who should die.
    • Creamcrackered
      It was covered in a speech my David Rockefeller and has been repeated ad infinitum by the likes of Bill Gates, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles etc. I hear what you are saying Linda, I've seen a similar example regarding everyone in the world being able to fit inside Australia, whilst having a piece of land to grow their own veg, but the problem isn't regarding the land mass the population covers, but the damage it does through lifestyle, industry, and consumerism. Do you consider ignoring poverty, famine, water supply, and vaccinations in third world countries, a way of choosing who should die, because Darwin acknowledged that the population, especially the "quality" of the population would be kept low through disease, poverty, and war. Of course Bill Gates and Rockefeller have stated with the improvement of healthcare in the West, has led to people living longer, and so putting a strain on resources.
    • Linda Joy
      "Do you consider ignoring poverty, famine, water supply, and vaccinations in third world countries, a way of choosing who should die," Yes, and most of it is done by their own governments for the same reasons they justify eugenics. Ethnic wars and political power! Not because we don't send them vaccinations and food and improve their water! Their government officials take it for themselves and keep it from the people they don't want to live!! Which resources in particular are you speaking of? And as one Christian to another do you believe the command God gave man to be fruitful and multiply has EVER been rescinded? And what, exactly do you mean by 'depopulate'? Because it sounds a lot like murder.
    • Creamcrackered
      Hi Linda, for the most part poorer governments are ignored by their own people, because one they have a large population, two they don’t have the luxury or distractions of a first world country, and finally their leaders are blatantly corrupt. But our own governments also have fingers in the pie, because they have global interest, especially in attempting to bring western consumerism, usury and other western financial institutions to those places, GMO crops, and with regards to the Middle East, employing militant groups in the oil fields. So though we may send vaccinations, food, and money to improve their water the impoverished are easily exploited by both their own and the west. I don’t believe it’s been rescinded but it does state that in the latter days how miserable it will be for pregnant and nursing mothers with regards to the state of society. Well depopulate does sound like murder, which again Darwin stated the population was always controlled for quality by disease, famine, and war. However, nowadays the question is what the other ways can they control population growth, sterilisation, birth control, abortion, possibly vaccination since this reduces the death rate and so the need to have more children, please feel free to add more.
    • 1465
      Do a little research on David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, etc and you'll find that they represent the Globalist interest. While you're at it, add Obama and Pinnochio Joe to the list. Joe may be a dimwitted weasel, but even he can be part of a Communist takeover.
    • Linda Joy
      Why do you quote Darwin like scripture? He was mentally ill! "Darwin certainly had psychological symptoms, including symptoms of a panic disorder with periods of irrational fear (Barloon and Noyes 1997), episodes of hysterical sobbing, and other symptoms that may be psychological such as sweating, tremors, and palpitations." Controlling the procreation rights of citizens is not the job of the government!
  • would be EVIL ..and who gets to say who lives ? has to learn to work it out so all can live
    • Creamcrackered
      Well, I'm gathering if they required a quick change, then the people who govern the countries get to say who lives. Other than that we vote with our behaviour in relation to other ways they use to reduce the population growth, birth control, abortion, sterilisation, vaccination, unhealthy foods, I don't know maybe we could list them?
  • No. It would be rational to stop listening to the fake media and the so-called "intellectuals" who are telling you this garbage.
  • Countries that could not ensure enough food have done it

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