• One day old. (True story.)
  • I had a aortic valve replacement done about 10 years ago. While in hospital, I contracted MRSA, the antibiotic resistant type. I had to spend 6 weeks in the hospital, and undergo a total of 4 open heart surgeries to survive it. I know I have been on "borrowed time" ever since. Every day I have had in the light since then has been a gift, so I'd say my current mid 70s age would be the answer.
  • Based on my current health risks, I'm on borrowed time. I was in a traffic accident almost 30 years ago and they said they "lost me" 3 times. I was diagnosed with emphysema 15 years ago and heart failure 7½ years ago (WOW! I just noticed a pattern forming. Since my first incident, the next one happened just as that number was cut in half and then the next was when *that* number was cut in half - I wonder what will happen 3 years and 3 months from now...?). I shouldn't even be here, but I've beaten the odds so far (knock on wood).
  • Based on my balls to the wall lifestyle & total disregard for heath risks I should have been taking a permanent dirt nap since about Y2K. So I am very pleased & more than a little smug about the fact I can play my theme song song for you in the year 2021.

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