• tomato soup, beef soup, and chicken noodle soup, pastas, and cereal. they are my go-toes when I don't have much of and appetite or feel like cooking. I don't drink much so my "stock" is sparkling wine, vodka, and rum.
  • I avoid canned goods as much as possible - they're over-cooked. I buy for a couple of meals at a time so that I don't have something expire before I can use it. I do not avoid "salt-added" foods. One of the reasons people have such health problems is that they eat too little salt. I may buy a can of mushroom soup or something similar if I'm planning a casserole or other dish around it in the immediate future.
    • Linda Joy
      Wasn't it you that was in heart failure? People with heart failure and high blood pressure should limit their sodium intake.
    • Linda Joy
      I can only go to the store once or twice a month, usually so I need to keep a stocked pantry.

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