• Joe! Biden still beats one guy. Donald Trump’s unfavorable are 53 percent–39 percent, and a full 47 percent have strongly unfavorable views of Trump. The latter number includes 42 percent of independents and 6 percent of Trump voters.?
    • DancesWithWolves
  • The numbers you cite are among Democratic voters - would you expect them to be any different? When Trump's popularity fell it was caused by months of hate propaganda - he was targeted before he was even elected. Biden, on the other hand, caused his own demise by leading the country down every wrong road as possible - in only 8 months (not 4 years like it took for Trump to drop to unfavorable lebels - and again, those numbers didn't represent the entire country - just the hate mongers on the Left).
    • Chicagoan
    • Chicagoan
      "It was caused by months of hate propaganda" -- Which he brought upon himself. Rarely did he ever step up to a microphone without calling people names, insulting people, making fun of people, and a lot of his name-calling was named at his rivals in the GOP! He was like listening to an snarkly little 5-year-old at recess. Which is why a lot of idiots were so enamored with him. He brought the hate upon himself, because that's all he ever dished out. So, stop whining about it. Criminy - it's like you're 5-years-old yourself!!
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment
    • 1465
      "It was caused by months of hate propaganda" -- Which he brought upon himself. - Uhh...might I remind you of Tom Hanks' statement about being visited by "space ships filled with dinosaurs with red capes"? (April 2016). The hate propaganda started out as ridiculing him for running, then shifted to attacking him and his supporters after he won. He spent his entire 4 years fending off the hate propaganda - none of which he brought on himself. And if you want to get into who called who names, where did the word "deplorables" come from? And what about Maxine Waters publicly calling for violence against Trump supporters? - these are but 2 examples for you to deny. And denial is no substitute for intelligence.

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