• Depression is a more popular subject.
  • Maybe they believe the cleche an artist must suffer to be good. Maybe creating the art exorcises the sorrow and brings them joy, or eases the burden. Maybe they don't need to create the art when they are happy. My art is not good, but it comes from a place of happiness, until I realize how awful it is and put it away.
  • Hard to say, but the people in this country are obsessed with annually reliving tragedies like 911, school shootings, the Oklahoma City bombing, etc. They even create anniversaries for them and dwell on them. It's no wonder this country feeds on anti-depressants. And then, you have disasters like the Obese Orange Emperor - thankfully nobody is creating an anniversary for a 4-year-long calamity. But, his little attack on January 6th will probably become one of the death-filled disaster-anniversaries people will remember for some time to come.

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