• he never cut off his ear.
    • 1465
      According to the Van Gogh museum, he did. Are you a habitual denier or just uneducated?
    • Chicagoan
      "Are you a habitual denier " POT MEET KETTLE. Mr TINFOIL HAT here, and his denial of things like the Holocaust...
    • 1465
      How can you support a narrative against something you know nothing about? (What am I asking? ...He supports Pinnochio Joe - that explains everything.)
    • Hulk70156
      1465 - There are several version of that story. BTW Chicagoan, 1465 makes this up for fun. He's like Trump - he needs the attention.
  • Van Gogh was under mental stress when he did it and didn't remember doing it afterward. So, to answer the question, it's a moot point. It was self-inflicted and done without warning. No one can prevent what they don't know will happen - not even a doctor.
  • Ears? 1. It was only one ear, and 2. Only if I had the knowledge I have today, and could re-attach it back then. But, it was something he did himself, and he didn't seek care for the injury until it would have been too late to reattach it anyway. He would have needed the foreknowledge to put it on ice right away and get it to an MD very, very soon for it to "take" and not become necrotic.

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