• They thought it was the Sumerians, but are now discovering the Australian aborigines.
  • Cro-Magnon was the first real, modern human. Clovis and Kennewick were the first human versions in North America. However Africa has the oldest human fossils, over 70K years. Alexandria Egypt, Athens, Greece and Damascus, Syria are the three oldest cities in the World, each being about 7500 years.
  • No one knows. Civilization as we know it started in the Garden of Eden. But there was already a civilized people that wasn't detailed in the Bible other than a brief mention.
  • The oldest civilization that we currently know of is the Aborigines of Australia. They have a known history that goes back approximately 75,000 years. Which, of course, drives the Bible-cultists crazy with their 6,000 year old earth rubbish and silly Adam & Eve garbage. LOL!!

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