• I'd say it's been a journey, I'm not sure I'd describe it as a "good run," certainly don't regret chunks of my life, but there's been a lot of suffering, pushing me towards a place where I cannot avoid going inwards any longer, and looking at myself and the human condition overall. .
  • I think dieing penniless is a good thing.
  • When I die, I'll be dancing happily off the back porch of time turning cartwheels and backflips into eternity! Shouting I FINALLY GRADUATED!!
  • nope not at all. I was involved in an indecent 20 years ago I wish I died with my mates
  • People ponder the question of when the end of the world will come. The answer is - the moment you die. Even if your body lies in the ground for a thousand years, time will have no relevance, and so stepping from this life into the next will be instantaneous. It's the same for everyone. As to the rest of the question, "looking back" will be inconsequential.
  • Nobody knows when the end of the world will happen. Just for the sake of thinking the end of the world was tomorrow, I would say I have more to live for, more to experience and figure out if I could have done better.
  • Yes I had a blast .
  • tomorrow will be the end for many people .....i have lived a decent life ,nothing to be ashamed of

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