• Try reading it and find out for yourself - if it doesn't burn your fingers.
    • Chicagoan
      Especially if he uses your TinFoil hat material and makes some tinfoil gloves!
  • No. All versions of the Bible teach essentially the same things about Jesus (because all versions of the Bible contain a translation of the very same set of documents describing Jesus' life). Now: each Bible version includes a different translation of that set of documents...but they all include that same set of documents. ***There are pseudepigrapha*** (, at least) that describes Jesus in a way that can be used to characterize him as a murderer. There is a ***parable told by Jesus*** in the Biblical Gospels that some anti-Christian people use to characterize Jesus as a murderer. BUT...the Bible itself does NOT charge Jesus with murder...not at any point, not in any fashion.
  • No. I'm an atheist and a historian whose field of specialization includes Judeo-Christian religious history. There is no "version" of the Bible in which Christ is a "murderer". There's really only one canonical version of the Christian Bible. There are the apocryphal books, but they are Old Testament, so they certainly don't present Jesus as a murderer. You may be referring to old Christian folktales, not part of the Bible, in which the child Jesus strikes dead other children who won't play with him or something similar.
    • Hulk70156
      Thanks, Its in the Gospel of Thomas which was in the Nag Hamadi which is a Gnostic gospel.
    • Chicagoan
      Correct, it is in the gnostics.
  • No, but God killed the first animal on earth to clothe Adam and Eve. Still not murder unless you kill a human though.
    • Chicagoan
      Which god did that? Just curious, is it a god you can't prove to anyone?
  • Yeah well, there is good reason you heard it and didn't read it. Any idiot can open their mouth and spout bullshit for another to hear, Faux News has been doing it for decades. But only people with some personal control and intelligence can read and write.
    • Chicagoan
      "Faux News has been doing it for decades" And it's pretty easy to spot the dolts here who parrot Faux Noise.
  • It's a make-believe story, so it really doesn't matter. Just like Voldemort was a murderer, but that story is just fiction, too.
    • mushroom
      Fiction? Look, I found platform 7½, then someone moved it and started charging to take pictures there.

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