• What do you think, Vice President, Kamala Harris, has a 37% among voters and President Biden has a 50%, this doesn't look too good?
  • Biden's polls are worse than that. If it follows historical polling data, both will be impeached by mid-term. The irony of it is, they spend 4 years and two unsuccessful impeachment attempts trying to remove Trump and ended up having to resort to cheating - but their own constituents are getting fed up with these two clowns after only a couple of months. The Utopia everyone hoped for isn't working out well for y'all, is it? 😆😆😆
    • DancesWithWolves
      I don't know it makes me wonder
    • Victorine
      I am laughing at this post as I type.
  • I CAN NOT and will not believe half the people in this country think Biden is doing a good job! This is MSM propaganda pure and simple.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Will see thanks for your comment
    • 1465
      There's no such thing as a Biden supporter - they're all Trump haters.
  • Like most such things "found" on the internet it's bullshit at best. Papers and pollsters tend to throw a few surveys around and their mates then claim x% believes....
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yeah, I agree with you
  • Mrs. Harris had already been rejected in the polls before Biden offered her the VP job. She doesn't seem to be that "likeable" to the majority.
    • 1465
      They tied a dead horse to the Democratic ticket to increase Biden's chances of winning. LOL!
  • 50% is still better than anything Trump achieved, and frankly, most Americans wanted out of Afghanistan. There was no way an exit could have been easily or peacefully achieved, no matter who was the White House. Biden's doing the right thing, as inevitably messy as it's been. The bombing, by the way was intended by ISIS to embarrass its enemy the Taliban, not Biden. (Remember moronic little Donnie claiming that ISIS had been defeated? Intelligent, informed people knew better.) As for Harris, she is suffering from the cattiness and resentment so often directed towards successful women. I don't take it seriously. Most of the people trashing her are not remotely as accomplished as she is.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thank you so much :)

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