• If you keep getting headaches, have your blood pressure checked also could be allergies and mold where you live and your doctor should give you a complete line of blood work
    • Pearl Lederman
      i do have allergies but i take benadryl and claritin every day, it could be mold since i do have some around i cant seem to get rid of,
  • if you have had a MRI and nothing is wrong and Drs cant find anything ,it could be from ya pillow or shampoo /.perfume/pollen/mould /etc etc etc . i remember one night i had some new styling stuff on my hair and then i went to a school BBQ and all the time i was there i had a thumping bad headache ,really bad it was ,soon as i come home i had a shower and washed my hair ,and instantly headache went away ,,so it could be something ya wearing is what im saying
    • Pearl Lederman
      you have a point, i didnt think of that

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