• Probably 5-10% which was expected.
  • Most of us will likely get the highly contagious Delta variant which in fully vaccinated individuals causes symptoms similar to an allergy or common cold but does result in a positive covid test in those few who are tested. . 4 fully vaccinated members of my immediate family have had C19 positive tests in the past 3 weeks. . .I daughter tested positive when the airline tested her for the flight back to the U.S. at the end of a 1 week vacation in cancun mexico. so she was quarantined & confined to her Cancun hotel room for 9 more days until she tested negative, Her sister tested positive when she was tested before returning to her school secretary job monday. She is now quarentined with full pay for 10 days. My grandson is in medical school so he has to test periodically & he & his wife are also quarantined right now due to c-19 positive results.. This delta variant has caused a very bad case of the flu with high fevers & chills in 2 unvaccinated friends but other than quarantine for testing positive its only a minor annoyance for fully vaccinated people.
  • Even one is too many.
    • pamela
      i agree yes one is too many , and also some think some one dying etc is ok cause its only 1 in so many people ..they are not numbers they are humans
    • pamela
      oops double up
  • About 2%, Being vaccinated stops you catching it ,
    • David Webbo
      New account on instagram, you've broke my heart. Look in your followers.
    • Angster Gangster
      Sorry but Most of the delta victims who test positive now have had both their covid 19 shots;months ago. I got my moderna shots on march 1 & march 29 2021 but that doesn't protect me from this much more contagious Delta mutation thats running rampant in the center of the country right now.
  • It would probably be much less, if the government weren't distributing thousands of unscreened migrants across the US.
  • Some because the vaccine is not full proof.
  • There's really no way of knowing when some people are being given fake covid immunizations instead of the real thing!!
    • Victorine
      These were fake "pellets" and fake cards, not fake injections. Most people getting the vaccine know very well that it is delivered via injection, not "pellets," and most people are not taking fake pellets. Of course, that doesn't account for the idiots who refuse to get the vaccine at all but think it's fine to take horse deworming medicine, which some moron on Fox claimed would work against the virus. There's really no limit to the low intelligence of Trumpkins, is there?
  • The covid vaccine wears off rapidly, depending on how you respond to it. 1 in 20 might not respond to it at all, and it might be that after 12 months, even the most robust immune systems will be as susceptible to the virus as they had been before. We don't know for sure yet, but there are plent of data that show a lot of people after 6 months have no more antibodies left.
    • Linda Joy
      I can't seem to find that information. Could you post a link, please? All I'm seeing is that it drops from 90 some % to 80 some % after 6 mos. None say that they have no more antibodies left.

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