• Depends on the exact position of the merging driver. If you're far enough back, then let your foot off of the accelerator and let him merge in front of you. If you're close enough that you can accelerate ahead of him, then do that. Just take into consideration that if you apply the brake, it may cause problems behind you. Take whatever action that will not require using the brake.
    • Denmarks
      I was parallel at the time. I was not sure if he would speed up if I sped up. I ended up slowing down causing the other driver to also slow down. He finally sped up and merged. It was dangerous since the car behind me had to slow down.
    • 1465
      I understand completely - been there, done that. You need to watch what's going on around you a little better. You should have seen him in plenty of time to make the proper adjustment.

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