• Even a member of a herd is unique. No two are exactly alike.
    • Angster Gangster
      True & if we vary too much from the standard pattern & refuse to flap our wings like everyone else to generate air circulation or refuse to carry our little mouthful of mud like all the other workers the whole termite mound might collapse or the whole beehive might overheat & die. Anyone who disagrees with big brothers groupthink must be immediately exterminated for the greater good of the group! But its still fun to admire the lonesome butterfly flying free & alone.
  • I can't decide. Both have their advantages! In boot camp I wanted to be invisible. In A-school they made me lead the class. But I'm a shortie and couldn't see over their heads!! And after marching them into a wall, I realized that it makes no sense to let someone lead who obviously doesn't have the ability just because of rank!! I don't get in trouble when I go unnoticed. But my physical features (and smart mouth) make going unnoticed more difficult. And sometimes its good to be noticed for doing a good thing. Still, I think I'd rather be anonymous. What about you?

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