• People press the submit button twice. They'll do that if the answer seems to be taking too long to post the first time they press the button. No, it doesn't annoy me.
  • tell me about it....i dont know what i do to cause that ..we should be able to delete it ..... ps..... some times i edit my answer ,but dont know if that causes it.... i always type some other comment in when i see it posted too many of my comments it had 3 ..Why ..i dont think i press button 3 times ..i dont shake lol EDIT....... ↓ Shadow, why would a little thing like that annoy you ..i never do it deliberately
    • Linda Joy
      Flag them as duplicates with the flag button.
  • That usually happens when people click answer and then click it again because it takes a while to go through. What annoys me is when people keep saying we should be able to delete it when they have been told several times to flag it so staff can delete it. Or keep pressing it over and over and asking why does that happen. But this is part of the learning process and I think everyone has done it several times over before they learned to look at the address line and see if its still spinning/posting.

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