• Is this a question or are you just posting your opinion you'd like everyone to agree with? Are you going to attack me if I disagree with you? I believe we are here to experience life. We are presented lessons and if we don't learn the lesson the first time it will be repeated. We are blessed with experiences to allow us to grow and learn. Much of what I believe we are supposed to learn is empathy for others. And much of the tough things we go through are to build strength. Yes, you can protect your child from ever cutting themselves or bumping their heads, but then they never learn independence or how to gauge how tall they've grown and how to duck in order not to bump their heads. You can choose to believe whatever makes you nurse your most favorite feelings.
  • Religious belief is not rational or logical. Don't expect rationalism or logic.
  • You and Bob are in a boat fishing. You fall overboard. You can't swim. Bob pulls you in. You say, "Why didn't you hold on to me the whole time so that I wouldn't have fallen in in the first place? At least you could've bought me a life preserver before we went on this trip. You pulling me back in was probably just a random event."
    • MisterKatt
      In this case I know my friend Bob exists and I know he would make a valient effort to save my life if I fell overboard and his act of saving me would not be a random act. And I would buy Bob a beer to show him I was thankful that he saved my life.
      Knowing that is not relevant to the question asked. The question presumes that God exists.

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