• There is no easy way to remove such a stop with a typical set of tools. - If you have access to a tool shop, with lathes and such, you stand a chance. There *is* a special tool that clears out a "hub" using a drill...which you don't want to buy because of the cost. and because it's designed for DWV rather than SCH 80. The obvious solution is to buy a "slip" ("no-stop") coupling instead. Now, all of that being said...**IF** I absolutely had to remove that stop, and I had to use tools that I have or that were readily available for a reasonable price at a hardware store, I would probably use a long half-round rasp. Probably how I would do it is ***mount the file upright*** in a vise and slide the inside of the coupling carefully over the rounded side of the rasp. You're going to scratch the crap out of the inside surface of the coupling, but if you're careful it should remove very little material other than the stop itself, and the glue should still bond with the coupling in a leak-free manner.
    • zeeboyo
      thanks will try that it. did not need to be SCH 80 it was just first one i found but 80 look more strong also though about just using a PVC pipe of 4" cut to 3 one and a half inch long this will not be a water thing just a DIY adapter i'm making for my Flatpod

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