• Many of the questions on Quora are NOT "completely neutral," unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean by that.
    • Coco Rose
      maybe Quora is for "Team Democrats"? i dont know, i have not really been asking any outrageous questions there , but have asked questions such as 'Why did gas prices increase so much after Joe Biden was elected?" (that was the most "un neutral question" i asked and i was warned that it was not neutral)
    • Victorine
      I've seen a lot of political questions like that on Quora, so I'm perplexed. Possibly you just ran into a moderator who didn't like it, but other such questions have definitely made it through.
    • Linda Joy
      Gas prices went up after Biden took over because he has it in for the pipeline.
    • Victorine
      No, they went up because of a shortage of drivers for delivery. The pandemic's caused a lot of problems like that.
  • You can ask 6 new questions in an hour, I think. What is depeneds?

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