• Hi Pearl, It's hard to say but nowadays anything is possible? People are crazy to threaten someone on a website ...Well, I was bullied many times on websites and I know the ones that are trouble...I hope things are better with you (( Hugs ))
    • Hulk70166
      They never got control of the trolls at YA. I was bullied all the time and I even got deleted a few times and I didn't do anything wrong. It was a total mob mentality over there. Groups of people would attack you just because they didn't like your politics and Poof, you were gone. It was very frustrating.
  • The reason they closed it down was because it was an anti-black forum. This has been going on for decades but Jan 6th was finally the last straw, . It was too bad. It could have worked if Yahoo and Verizon had policed it properly.
    • DancesWithWolves
      I'm sorry it was the way it was being anti-black no good :(
    • Linda Joy
      People are supposed to police themselves!!
    • Hulk70166
      It doesn't work.
    • Tony VII Fatherson
      what are you talking about??????
    • Victorine
      Linda, many people don't police themselves if there are no consequences for not doing so.
  • People stopped writing things they would steal and put into TV shows if not movies. All Q & A sites are owned by media companies, and the laws are made just for them and nobody else.
  • YA was not profitable for Verizon, and they put no time, effort, or money into serious moderation. The site therefore became a troll swamp, so Verizon didn't particularly want to be associated with it any further. It was easier just to shut it down than to try to repair the damage.
  • Some of their trolls are already here. Rolexeo. NCWJ. etc. They're going to try and ruin this site too.
    • Victorine
      True enough. We'll need to fight back.
  • I used to be on there a lot. -Trolling was against the rules the whole time but, almost everyone did it and they never got it under control. They did delete people's accounts over repeated trolling but, the trolls kept coming back. - Not enough traffic, a lot of the articles saying YA! is shutting down said this.
  • The trolls ruined it and as someone else said, they will try to ruin this site too or as I would say, trash this site.
    • Hulk70166
      Whether they do or not depends on how well this site is policed. YA was completely user policed. It didn't work. I think YA liked it that way. It gave them a 'rough and tumble' reputation that a lot of people liked, particularly little kids
  • cant say really but most of the answers were troll rubbish answers and i dont know how that could help a site. hope trolls and bullies etc stay away from here
  • A user named kelvin sent threats to verizon and bugged the website to they shut it down to subdue him

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