• I do know English-language grammar. However, English grammar is sometimes difficult for me because English is my second language
  • Most people do, but it is far too cumbersome and bad looking to try and keep oneself to doing it; it would make many look like outside pretentious fools.
    • Victorine
      The grammar of standard English never looks pretentious.
    • WHF, What's His Face
      You might want to check again, it really does make others feel superior to others.
  • I generally understand the rules of proper English grammar. I also agree with the general sentiment that truly proper grammar makes writing somewhat more cumbersome to read, so I will often deviate from that style of writing in order to make my general points more readable to a casual audience.
  • All 3 of my grammars are dead.
  • Yes, I really like grammar crackers. Just kidding, no I don't know proper grammar and use commas and the same word too much. :)
    • Linda Joy
      ooh, they're even better with icing between them! My mom used to make those for us a half century ago!
  • Yes. Proper grammar is the correct arrangement of words in a sentence.
  • I was taught in school
  • I'm not bad. I write clearly enough to be understood and don't really worry about it in most situations. If I need to be formal or professional I take more care.

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