• I would say $100.00 gift certificate to spend any where
    • Linda Joy
      I said it can't be expensive or fattening. I'm back on infusions every 3 wks and that's two appointments, one for labs and one for the infusion. Plus echocardiograms regularly.
  • A Dairy Queen Blizzard
    • Linda Joy
      Good answer, but it can't be fattening. I have too many appointments, hence why I want a reward.
  • Paperback book of daily affirmations for encouragement, peace of mind.
    • Linda Joy
      Very good answer!
    • mugwort
      Thanks. I thought my suggestion would be liked by you.
  • Fill up a jar with attagirls, one by one.
    • WHF, What's His Face
      How did you think to not define exactly what a attagirls is; the imagination goes amiss without it.
    • Linda Joy
      I like that idea!
  • Well, a pot brownie would have been better before the appointment, so not that. How's about a most expensive shot of liquor or 2?
    • Linda Joy
      Can't be expensive or fattening. And if I have the pot brownie before I'll never remember what they said! lol
    • WHF, What's His Face
      True, where when I did or do that, I just write out a list to discuss with the doctor. Very very effective to write lists out for doctors before appointments. Have a great day.
  • I always ask my doctors at the VA for a sucker. They won't stock them (fancy that). I once brought my own and after my blood test was finished, I walked out, opened it, and told people on my way out that they're passing out suckers. (That'll teach 'em!) 😆
  • a pat on ya back for going..... or a bunch flowers from the super market..

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